Century Club

Please join us in thanking the individual participants in the Morton Theatre's commemoration of "Culture, Heritage, Community: On the Hot Corner, In the Classic City" during the Centennial Celebration Year. Their generous donations have helped make our Centennial Year Celebration possible.


PRODUCER - $1000 and up

Dr. & Mrs. Fred Reifsteck, III


DIRECTOR - $500-$999

Charles T. Morton, Jr.

Mary Stakes


HEADLINERS - $250-$499

Melanie and Sige Burden, Jr.

Lynn and Larry Green, Jr.


CAST MEMBERS - $150-$249

Sarita Reddy and M.J. Ganesh

Jamie Calkin



Edward Anderson, Sr

Randy and Tonya Groomes

Jennifer Chapman

Charlotte House

Janey Cooley

Heather and Eric Hogan

Christy Desmet

Arthur & T'Leatha Johnson

Lisa and Patrick Ferguson

Kathryn Lookofsky

Gary Gerrard

Laurel Rudolph

Erwin and Erika Greene

Mrs. Coy Williamson, Jr.