Orchestra Level

Row S is our Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA) seating row. Seats number S2 is an actual theatre seats, leaving seats S4, S6, & S8 as open spaces for wheelchairs. The Orchestra Level can be accessed by an elevator in the Lower Lobby. Restrooms on this level are ADA compliant.

Row O Seat 107 has a completely obstructed view. Other seats with partially obstructed views include H2, M6, R4 on Orchestra Left and H1, M7, R3 on Orchestra Right. Due to these structural challenges, the Morton Theatre Box Office does not sell these seats.

Balcony Level

Unlike the orchestra level, the Balcony has no visual obstructions from supporting framework; however it does have its own consideration due to a slightly less leg room than the Orchestra Level. Though the legroom is smaller, the view is quite fantastic. Any ticket with a double letter row code is in located in the Balcony.

There is no elevator or ADA compliant access to the Balcony or Upper Balcony Levels. There are 151 seats in this section, as well as access to multi-stall restrooms located on this level.

Upper Balcony

The Upper Balcony has (backless) stadium-style bleachers or bench seating. This type of seating offers the same great view of the stage as the balcony section. Tripods can be set in this section without violating regulations. This section seats approximately 62 adults.

Box Seating

The Morton Theatre has preserved its pagoda style box seats from the original design in 1910. However, due to safety issues, no patron seating permitted in the upper box seats. Access to the boxes from backstage is easily obtained if a presenter chooses to make these areas part of the performance space, or sectioned off for extra technical equipment. Each Orchestra Level Box can serve as overflow ADA access; however we do not recommend using the lower box seats for seating due to the proximity to the house sound system.

Seating Capacity: 490