Event Presenter

Contact Information

  • Name: Guest Services
  • Phone: (404) 348-2414
  • Email: info@unshameonyou.com

Cast List

  • Wren: Sylvia Mathis-Manning
  • Tasha: Alexis Gamble
  • Imara: Nicole Burgess
  • Drew: Harlin Miller
  • Mr. Josephson: Kyle Smith


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Un-Shame On You

Stage Play

Seating: General Admission
Prices: $20 seniors, $25 general admission, $35 VIP includes pre-show performances, priority seating, post show Q&A and pictures with the cast and crew
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"UN-SHAME ON YOU" brings the battle men, women and children across the globe, have with shame, to the stage. Shame stalks as does a thief of the night, in pursuit of lofty visions, promised dreams and inherited futures, treasured by the vulnerable. Neither dead bolt locks nor secured doors will keep shame out when it has been given a key. Evicting shame and reclaiming ownership of the heart is a battle fit only for those who can no longer afford the cost of shadow living.

No longer able to do its work behind closed doors, shame is put on center stage to wage its battle with three residents of a suburban Empresstown apartment complex. On the same unseasonably odd Friday night Imara, Wren and Tasha each come face to face with shame, themselves, strong-willed weather, and one another. Do they have the strength to evict shame and wrestle the elements of the night? The weight of what each woman confronts nudges her in front of a road paved with life and death choices.

In addition to the intricate storyline – beautiful original songs, gifted artists, and superb acting, make "Un-Shame On You" an enjoyable, unforgettable experience.